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Most businesses use phone systems in the traditional sense because they always have.

Have you ever asked yourself if you did things differently could you get a better result? Is your traditional telephony solution future proof? Does it provide you with a business continuity plan and what about flexible working?

"If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got." Henry Ford

Traditional solutions often aren't future proof, don't allow flexible working, fail on business continuity and have poor disaster recovery.

Unlike hosted telephony, traditional phone systems can make it awkward to expand quickly and to easily add new users with new features and additional locations. 

They can also be risky when it comes to business continuity from challenges outside of your control. As businesses evolve the inability to adapt to flexible working with remote locations or mobile staff can become very restrictive. 

Why waste money, restrict flexibility or risk downtime from loss of telephony? 

Tradition telephone systems are much more expensive than hosted solutions, with hardware to install, maintain and upgrade. Changing the solution to allow for new users or different features can be extremely disruptive and if your business needs to scale back usage, you are stuck with features and hardware you no longer need.

If something happens outside of your control to effect your business continuity, traditional phone systems can't auto-failover at a network level to a mobile number, another office, to a voicemail or to a call management service.

Phone solutions that fit every budget, are future proof and connect your team and customers where ever they are sound good? 

Hosted telephone systems can be rented monthly, with very low setup costs and the number of users can be easily scaled up or down when you need. Software updates are applied as they are released at no extra charge and a hosted cloud telephony solution provides you with an integrated business continuity plan; for both loss of connectivity and inability to get into the office.

The 'one number anywhere' feature conveniently integrates fixed and mobile capabilities so you never miss a call. Callers have to dial just one number to reach both your desk phone or mobile, and since numbers are not bound to specific locations your sites and staff can be spread all over the country and work seamlessly as one.

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