Calling in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 can now be licensed with its own integral phone system, enabling a set of basic calling features within Teams. The phone system can be integrated with either calling plans, direct routing, or Call2Teams, which allows the programme to make and receive incoming and outgoing calls to the public network.

Microsoft Calling Plans

To make calls using calling plans you need to purchase a calling plan from Microsoft which includes a call minutes bundle. The system allows you to make and receive calls but has limited functionality. Once the inclusive minutes have been used the system will be locked until additional communication credits are manually purchased.

Direct Routing

Direct routing utilises SIP trunks to make and receive calls over the public network without having to buy expensive calling plans and communication credit top ups. RGC can provide you with SIP trunks to connect to the system which include free bundled call packages, billed monthly.


Call2Teams allows companies to integrate their existing telephone system into Teams, allowing the native dial pad in Teams to be used for making and receiving calls. This enables you to keep your feature rich telephone system whilst utilising with flexibility that Teams provides. RGC can integrate into the Regency5000 (Broadsoft) hosted telephone system and the Atos Unify telephone systems.

RGC can advise and support you on all three Teams options. You focus on your business; we will look after the technology

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