RGC is a telephony and broadband reseller for businesses. We work with leading international telecoms manufacturers and suppliers to provide the best solution, whatever the challenge.

We listen to our customers to completely understand their needs and then focus on what will work for them, not what we want to sell.

We know our customers are always on the lookout for more efficient ways of working. RGC’s mobile services can help you with this by keeping employees connected when out of the office or working remotely. We can make sure important phone calls are not missed and offer instant, remote access to email and company networks.

As a multi-service provider, we offer an independent and impartial view of your mobile communication needs. Our strong partnerships with Vodafone, O2 and EE extend our expertise to deliver the best tailor-made solutions for your business.

RGC can supply Sim only and Mobile Phones as part of a total solution without the need for long term contracts. This includes our standard “One & Only (O2 & Vodafone)” mobile service along with our new Regency5000 Hosted SIM.

One and Only

Regency 5000 HSIM

Mobile Phones

One & Only - Flexible mobile tariffs, reduce cost and increase efficiency

RGC continues to support customer success with competitive tariffs from O2 and Vodafone. Our entire range of outstanding SIM only options means no complicated schemes for funding hardware and accessories. What’s more, you’re not tied in to 24-month contracts - with our tariffs, 30 days’ notice is all we need to cancel.

Why RGC Mobile?

  • Only 30-day contracts
  • Unlimited Minutes, SMS Text and Data SIMs available
  • Providing O2 or Vodafone SIMs
  • 24/7/365 provisioning and support
  • SIM only mobile schemes
  • Simple tariff and bolt-on options
  • Competitive pricing
  • Data only options available
  • Shared Data bundles

Regency5000 HSIM – Works like a desktop handset in your pocket

In this age of ‘mobile first’ communications and with a new hunger for workplace flexibility, there’s never been a better time to add a multi-net mobile SIM extension to your business’ communications.

This is not a simple mobile service; it is a fully featured extension service but on a multi-net GSM connection. This service offers field workers, home workers, and those on the move a simple and reliable voice connection, without the challenges of broadband or Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Compatible with either a smart phone or a low-cost mobile handset, the Regency5000 HSIM is your extension in your pocket.

Key points:

  • Present your DDI number and record calls, whilst dialling from the mobile’s native dialler.
  • Single or dual SIM smart phone, or low-cost voice and text handset. Both have full functionality.
  • Calls to and from the office are simply extension to extension dialling and therefore free. The normal extension user minute bundles are available for external calls.

Another major advantage of this service is that you ‘own’ the phone number. There is no chance of accidentally displaying a personal mobile number.

The SIM sits as a device against the user and a credit lock applies to all calls from the device, for complete toll fraud protection. On exceeding the set daily spend limit the relevant user service is automatically barred, protecting your business. The same is true for mobile data usage.

Some people who might benefit from this service:

  • Healthcare workers and home visitors may need a simple phone with low-cost rates to contact their superiors. Utilising their own mobile with the HPBX SIM means the company has less hardware to buy.
  • Call Centre Agents can easily be part of the contact team with just a mobile device and present the correct CLI when making outbound calls.
  • Travelling sales and management teams who need access to team telephony, they are never far from the office phone system and always reachable.
  • Those who work in the financial sector who need all their calls recorded for compliance.
  • For any transport worker they can use the native dialler for hands free car phone services. Speech to text services like Siri can answer calls, so the user can operate legally and safely!

Mobile Phones

Looking for a way to refresh your company mobiles without having to lock yourself into long term and costly agreements? At RGC we can supply products from the world’s leading manufacturers from the highest spec’d Smart phone to basic mobiles. Our aim is to deliver you the right product at the right price.

Prices and Finance options are available on request.

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