Business Machine - #Testimonial

As a business owner and digital marketeer, it is of utmost importance that communication and the ability for my clients to easily connect with myself as required is key for my business.

My need to have a solution that allowed for my UK clients to call me wherever I may be globally, via a local UK number or solution was provided by Joe and his amazing team at RGC. The solution is an absolute must for any business owner, easy to implement and comes packed with a ton of features that you would expect from a high-end phone system.

I personally, cannot rate RGC highly enough for delivery of this mobile and online platform which has already paid dividends to myself and clients within a day of its implementation.

A special mention to Neil from the Helpdesk who called me within 20mins of the implementation to go through the system, features and to answer ALL my questions was amazing and a real ambassador to the RGC team.

If you are looking for a reliable business partner for your communication needs, then you have found them with RGC.

- Mark Howard, Business Machine

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