Voice Over Data Phone Service Crawley

voice over data phone service crawley

Voice Over Data Phone Service Crawley

Voice Over Data Phone Service Crawley Testimonial: Citizens Advice Bureau Havering

“We have been using RGC for 2 – 3 years. They provide our voice over data phone service – think that’s what it’s called. Good thing is I don’t worry about it as have confidence in the team if something happens to our phones I just call and its sorted!

A colleague, who has since left, was looking into cost saving on our phone lines and came across RGC as a potential supplier. When we meet their reps Joe and Bernie we felt confident about their experience and skill sets to handle our needs and issues relating to phone suppliers.

We use the phone system in a variety of ways which RGC have supported us to do. Some phones can take messages, others don’t so we manage our service delivery as we can with restrictions we have on funding.

Our initial experience of RGC actually exceeded our expectations. We had issues and problems with poor information and times for change over on our side but with the support and knowledge of Joe and Bernie to move us forward we were able to transfer as seamlessly as possible from the old system to a far better new one. Had it not been for the support, drive, technical knowhow and the sheer determination to succeed for the two guys and the people they had supporting them we would have lost service and not known who to turn to.

What we like most about RGC is the feeling that we are in the hands of professionals who have probably seen it all and know how to get things done. We know nothing, don’t know terminology, timeframes to get things sorted etc. but when we ask or are told by our, as I see them “account executives”, what’s what results happen.

The quality of service from our previous telecoms company was basic and didn’t really seem to fit the way we needed to operate, didn’t have someone to talk to, they weren’t bothered about us and was more costly and as a charity it was not viable. RGC are totally different – a more personal and professional experience at competitive costs so the quality of service is vastly improved.

We have had a number of changes to operational delivery and the phone system has been flexible and able to manage those changes. Any problems we have we contact the team and they are sorted so what more can you ask.

RGC are a professional, personal and experienced team who inspire confidence that you as a customer are important and they want to help.  I don’t feel like we are just an income stream but that we matter and that the service we receive matters to those delivering it. It’s the personal and professionalism of the people concerned that makes RGCs support different from other companies we have ever worked with.

We highly recommend them.”

Lynn Warnett, Citizens Advice Havering


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Voice Over Data Phone Service Crawley – RGC VOIP Solution

Regency 5000 combines the reliability and functionality of a PABX with the flexibility and ubiquity of IP networks.

Voice Over Data Phone Service Crawley – The RGC VOIP Solution known as Regency 5000 is our fully featured virtual PABX replacement service where customers rent the required seats and services on a monthly basis.

All services and applications are delivered over dedicated data circuits, bypassing the customer need for on-site telephone system ownership and BT lines. This provides enterprise feature sets for businesses of any size without the support and management costs of owning technology assets.

Why Do SMEs choose our cloud telephony service?

voice over data phone service crawley

Voice Over Data Phone Service Crawley – resilience, simplicity and flexibility

Regency 5000 brings all your people together wherever they are; at home, in different buildings or in different countries. All users and locations are connected to our resilient network in London with powerful features and simplicity of management.