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Real time Communications from any Website

Transforming communication

A company’s website is their advert to the world and it’s where interaction often starts. Since most calls are already preceded by a website visit, why take a chance of the customer hanging up, getting a busy tone or being routed to the incorrect department. We’re more than aware some auto attendants, menu trees and IVR prompts drive callers up the wall. Consumers either love it or hate it.

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Instantly Call from your Website

RGC Visual Attendant enables Click-to-Call capability from any website and from any web page allowing real-time customer interactions. There’s no confusion and the customer receives the information they need instantly. The transition from a webpage visit to a real-time communications experience is seamless; the customer is instantly connected to the right person/department as a result of their selection of menu options before starting a voice call. The customer saves time and no longer needs to listen to lengthy, complex automated attended menus with long wait times, requiring either ‘touch-tone selections’ or ‘can you repeat your request please’ to get connected.

RGC Visual Attendant

RGC Visual Attendant, leverages WebRTC technology, giving customers point and click options to select the right information, service or department and click-to-connect directly from their website in real time. In just a few clicks a customer can call and speak to a relevant representative from their browser.
Designed with a highly intuitive web portal you and your customers can easily set-up and implement interactive directories in minutes. The drag and drop functionality allows businesses to simply create any set of click-to-call menu tree options, create and associate them with a simple button, and generate JavaScript Embed Code to place the Visual Attendant button on any page on their website.

RGC Visual Attendant allows businesses to create and associate a different number with each page enabling customised menu options and any number of submenu layers and trees assisting customers to quickly and efficiently connect to the right resource.
RGC Visual Attendant uses the latest WebRTC technology to connect customers but is also ready to connect legacy browsers and mobile users that aren’t WebRTC ready. Businesses will pay you for better service, you’ll get a new revenue stream and end users will have a new way to get connected.
RGC Visual Attendant
  • Opens doors
  • Closes deals
  • Use with any telephony application
  • No call charge to the customer
  • Gives you a competitive edge
  • No competition in the hosted telephony world
  • Connect with a live person from any website and webpage
  • Implement features easily & quickly
  • Self-provision & manage customised call directories
  • Add voice calling from a browser
  • Works on desktop & mobile endpoints
  • Contextual real-time communications capabilities

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