Vision, Mission and Culture Statements

RGC Vision Statement

Our vision is to positively enhance the activities and effectiveness of Business Telecommunications through increased reliability, knowledge and application of up to date communication systems.

 RGC Mission Statement

As a customer of RGC you will experience understanding, courtesy, integrity, expertise, value for money, performance, reliability and safety.

In order to achieve these goals the company will:-

  • Establish a partnership with our clients to understand, agree and meet their changing requirements;
  • Operate profitably and efficiently;
  • Create a working environment which recognises and rewards the commitment of all employees;
  • Be forward looking and innovative
  • Ensure staff are fully trained in the day-to-day procedures and operating system;
  • Strive to enjoy continuous improvement in its performance in order to create greater value for its customers and shareholders.

Our mission is to continually exceed our customer expectations and to this end all staff are committed to improving the customer experience. This is evident through the constant monitoring of service statistics and customer responses.

RGC Culture Statements

Understanding – Our approach to business is always consultative. We listen until we understand the precise nature of a customer’s challenge. We never presume or make potentially limiting recommendations.

Courtesy – Our attitude and behaviour towards others is one of politeness and we are always courteous and good humoured when dealing with our customers, fellow employees and others.

Integrity – We have a strong commitment to integrity for all and operate in an honest, trustworthy, dependable and right minded manner.

Engagement – We establish a partnership with our customers. We focus on people and processes rather than technology ensuring customer and RGC satisfaction at all times.

Expertise – We will continually strive to improve our skills and knowledge in our respective fields and follow our day to day procedures and processes.

Delivery – Deployment is just one stage in the long term relationship we endeavour to build. Using our extensive experience, skills and partnerships enable us to design and deliver solutions that address our customer’s business challenges.

Value for Money – Our customers can always expect to receive value for money along with information relating to the benefits a system or service may provide.

Improvement – We strive to continually deepen our knowledge of our customer needs and remain committed to helping them by removing complexity and achieving continuous business improvement.

Performance – We are always looking to improve our performance, which will be measured and reported on regularly at personal appraisals and departmental meetings.

Reliable – Our dealings with customers, fellow employees and others will demonstrate our reliability by being prompt, dependable and consistent at all times.

Safety – We will always operate in a safe manner and will refer to company handbooks or senior personnel for advice when required.