Are you still using traditional phones for your business?

If you are still using traditional phones, I was just wondering why and what it is you love about them? I’m not knocking them but there are alternatives that are so much better that if you’re still hanging on to your old system, there must be a reason?

What's so good about your phones?

What’s so good about your phones?

Does your traditional phone tick all these boxes?

  • Did it come with expensive hardware that you need to maintain and update or is it rented monthly, with no hardware and low set up costs?
  • Is it easy to scale up or down/ can you add or remove team members quickly or disable features you no longer need (or want to pay for)?
  • Does it come with free instant updates?
  • Does it allow flexi working because team members can be reached easily wherever they are and whether they’re using their desktop, handset, tablet or phone?
  • Has it got swift and effective disaster recovery?
  • Does it come with an App which means you have your entire phone system in your back pocket?
  • Is it really easy to use and possible to record calls and then access them straight away?

Because if your phone system isn’t ticking all of these boxes, then a new system could make your life so much easier.

Or maybe, you just haven’t got around to it yet

It’s easy to put updating your phone system at the bottom of the to do list. But it’s also potentially very damaging to your business. Missed calls, expensive running costs, ineffective communication between team members. It all stacks up.

Call us today to find out how much easier life could be and how quickly we can replace your old phones with an easy to use, efficient and cost effective new system.

Ps. Did you know that VoIP (internet calls) are on average cheaper than using traditional analogue lines.