Telephone System Maintenance Providers Horley

Phone systems are easy to take for granted while they work.

Every business has a phone system and virtually every level of staff member uses that phone system in some way to complete tasks within their individual job roles. Phones are used by everyone, every day, but it would be fair to say that few people ever give their phones a thought. Until they stop working.

When your phone system stops working it becomes a problem for everyone.

How many of your staff rely on using a phone? All of them right? The sales team, the management team, production, front of house, accounts. The list goes on and on. What about your customers? Do your customers expect to be able to phone you? When a customer phones you it is rarely for a chat about the weather. Customers phone when they want information to help them decide on a purchase or when they need support.

Telephone System Maintenance Providers Horley

What happens when your customers are ignored and your team are no longer connected?

If your customers are interested in a product or service you provide and want help in making a purchase but get no answer from your phone it isn’t too much of a stretch to work out what happens next is it? They call a competitor who does answer the phone and place the order with them and you loose the sale and probably the customer. If they are calling you for support they need help and if they get no help and wonder if they ever will, the next step is to call a competitor to get their support and you risk loosing a customer.

How would no telecommunication effect your workforce? If your team can’t communicate with each other would it effect their ability to function?

Telephone System Maintenance Providers Horley

Phones that work mean continued sales, happy customers and a workforce that functions well.

Telephone System Maintenance Providers Horley

What do our customers have to say about us?


A phone system that can be relied on to work, ensures that your team are in constant communication and can function productively as you need them to.
Your staff giving your customers the support they need when they need it, ensures you maintain the high level of service your customers deserve.
Providing your customers with the advice they need to make a purchase, means you make the sale and avoid loosing opportunities to the competition.


We completely understand how important the telephone service is to your business, and if the worst happens and your telephone system suffers a breakdown, then our professional support team are there to get you back up and running, either remotely using remote access methods or at your office, always giving your problem the urgent attention it deserves.

RGC maintain many types of telephone systems, and can offer you a Maintenance Contract package designed to meet the needs of your business, whether you want 24/7 cover or a simple 9-5 Monday to Friday cover.