How do you answer the phone?!

What sort of impression do your customers form of you from that first phone call?

How do you answer the phone?

Are you making the right impression?

Is it professional, slick and efficient? Every time? Or are there occasional cracks? Are you a small business operating nationally and keen to come across as reasonably sized? But is the real truth that you’re a one-man band juggling calls?

Professionally answered phones, create a professional impression

The sort of experience your client gets when they call is important. A VoIP phone number would mean you can make and receive all your calls via a computer or mobile. No need for a desk top phone and all the expense that brings. No need to be in the office.

And if at times you struggle to answer all your calls, we can set up an overflow system that redirects callers automatically to the right place or are professionally answered on your behalf.

The result is you not only save money, but from the very moment someone calls, you create a professional impression of a well-established and well organised business.

You’re not a little fish to us

And that’s the other thing we’re great at. Treating you well. But rather than me telling you about how important you are to us, here it is from the horses (or rather the fish’s) mouth:

“We have been using RGC for over 8 years and they provide maintenance for our telephone system along with lines and calls. Our initial experience with RGC immediately met with expectations and we know we can trust them.

What we like most about RGC is they are small enough to care, reliable and they take the trouble to get to know us. Our previous telecoms provider made us feel like we were small fish in a big pond. RGC have a very personal service and we would recommend them to others.”

Jenny Dorey, Accounts Manager, Stocksigns Limited

Let’s make a great impression

Call us today on 03300 022244. No pressure or obligation. We’ll just tell you more about what we can do to help you. Speak soon.