Hosted Telephony Gatwick

 Hosted Telephony Gatwick

Hosted Telephony Gatwick

One of our services is our Hosted Telephony Gatwick.

Have you ever found yourself losing out on business because your phones aren’t working efficiently and people can’t communicate with you?

A hosted Telephony system could solve all of that.

Regency 5000 is a system which uses the digital era of technology to connect your phones.

Phones will be connected over your internet cables, meaning you don’t need to get BT lines installed if your office is in a new build, eliminating any disturbance that this may bring to your office.

The key benefit of using this method of telecommunication over traditional phone lines is that you will not be reliant on the phone system to work consistently because the connection is purely digital.

The best bit? Due to the digital technology the calls are very low cost or even free, no matter which country they are directed to.

There are also a number of other features available with Hosted VoIP systems that were not previously available with traditional technologies.

Hosted telephony can also be known as:

Hosted VoIP
Voice over Networks or (VoN)
Voice over Broadband (VoB)
Internet Telephony

For detailed information on our Hosted VoIP systems, click here.

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We provide a range of other services, including:

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We replace the silence, bleeps or lift-music heard when transferring or holding a call with information about your business.

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RGC provides telephone answering and call centre services that suit all budgets, needs and Call volumes.

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