Business Telephone Provider Crawley


Business Telephone Provider Crawley

Meet Tim – a loyal, satisfied RGC customer.

Business Telephone Provider Crawley

“I like RGC and the entire team there because they strike me as pretty honest.

In the past I’ve been sold various phone and tv subscriptions and because I don’t understand the industry tremendously well I just got the impression that people were trying to sell me absolutely everything, regardless of whether I actually needed it.”

Sound familiar?

“I didn’t really have a huge experience in the world of telecoms so I needed to ask a number of questions – they were very patient of my ignorance of the industry – offered me good advice on the services that I would have a need for and also guided me against some that I didn’t need, which I thought was pretty honest of them, and I also found they were exceptionally easy to deal with during the set up and also the follow up training.

It saves me time, it makes me more efficient, I think it helps me come across as more professional in the back office… in general it just means its more responsive, more professional and it helps me do my job better.
We make it our mission to ensure you get the most helpful, understanding and expert advice possible every time by creating a partnership with you to ensure we fully understand your requirements.
With RGC I found the experience to be a bit different… I didn’t feel I was upsold or cross-sold things that were unnecessary.
I just got good quality advice, simple guidance on setting it up and a good level of friendly support on the far end. From my perspective, what more could I want?”

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RGC provides telephone answering and call centre services that suit all budgets, needs and Call volumes.

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