Does your broadband service drive you mad?

Would you like better broadband?

Would you like better broadband?

Poor broadband may be frustrating. But what about the service? Not being able to get hold of anyone, engineers not turning up when they say they will or not being able to resolve the problem when they do turn up. It’s enough to drive you insane!

But as a broadband provider, how can I prove that RGC will be any different?

Trust is pretty important to the team here at RGC. Many of our clients are local and as RGC Ltd are well known, we stand or fall by our reputation. But I appreciate that you don’t know us and have probably had some slick providers make all sorts of hollow promises to you in the past.

But what we offer is different and that’s mainly down to our great team. We’re easy to get hold of, and quick to respond and we’ll work hard to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.

You’ll find us to be honest and transparent – if you don’t need something then we’ll tell you, so that you don’t spend money on products or packages that you don’t want or need.

So, to prove that we’re different, I could share one of our many testimonials:

“We have been using RGC for 2 – 3 years…if something happens … I just call and its sorted!… with the support and knowledge of Joe and Bernie to move us forward we were able to transfer as seamlessly as possible from the old system to a far better new one.

Had it not been for the support, drive, technical know-how and the sheer determination to succeed for the two guys and the people they had supporting them we would have lost service and not known who to turn to.

What we like most about RGC is the feeling that we are in the hands of professionals who have probably seen it all and know how to get things done… RGC are totally different – a more personal and professional experience at competitive costs so the quality of service is vastly improved…

RGC are a professional, personal and experienced team who inspire confidence that you as a customer are important and they want to help.  I don’t feel like we are just an income stream but that we matter and that the service we receive matters to those delivering it. It’s the personal and professionalism of the people concerned that makes RGCs support different from other companies we have ever worked with. We highly recommend them.”

Lynn Warnett, Citizens Advice Havering

 Or perhaps we could just talk?  

I appreciate you may have some questions, so let’s book a phone call.

Actually, you talk, and I’ll listen

We offer a number of broadband, VoIP, telephony and virtual assistant services. They could save you frustration, time and money and make your business much more efficient. But I’m not going to bore you with the details.

And when you call, we won’t do the hard sell and flannel either

I’d far rather you told us about the challenges you have and what you need. Then we can tell you if and how we can help. No obligation of course. No upsell. Just a phone call with one of our team.

So, if you’re not happy with your broadband or telephony services…

Just give us a call now on 0330 0022244. I’m pretty sure we can help make life better but it starts with a conversation. Speak soon.