Power Electric Services - #Testimonial

As a leading electrical services company, being contactable and responsive are fundamental to maintaining positive client relationships and winning new business. As the business has grown in recent years our demand of our telecom's infrastructure capability has increased and thankfully, RGC came to our rescue.

When we first met Bernie we had fully traditional, standard BT phone line set-up. It was a restrictive and not cost-effective. Bernie worked with us to upgrade the system to be Voice-over-IP (VOIP) which has meant that we're able to seamlessly transfer calls, have an answer service and effortlessly divert calls whenever required, which includes the ability to provide an emergency call-out service where clients can speak directly to an engineer 24/7.

Not only did Bernie provide the infrastructure and hardware, he programmed it all to meet our needs and then educated the tea on how best to use the system. When we later moved offices due to further team expansion, we were able to pretty much plug and play all devices as soon as the internet was up-and-running.

The business is now future-proofed. As we expand, we can easily add more phones for the team, but also add new client and prospect details to a central database without any issue.

However, it's really at a time when challenges arise that capabilities are tested. We (and Bernie) experienced such a time when BT accidentally cut our phone line by mistake. We were without the internet for five days and this would have previously been 100% disastrous. But within a matter of minutes, Bernie had diverted all calls through to my mobile, so that I was at least able to keep on top of all client and prospect communication by phone until our internet returned.

The after-care we have received from RGC has been exceptional. We are fully looked after, regardless of how small or large a request we make to Bernie and the RGC support team. It's important to me that when I ask someone to do something, I know that it's done properly and completed when promised. Bernie has always delivered.

For me to be able to refer a service it needs to be seamless and of a high-quality. RGC's service is easily referable and I do so regularly.

- Daryl Summer, Power Electric Services

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