Not Just Travel - #Testimonial

This is a testimonial to thank you for your advice relating to our VOIP telephone system. We already had a system in place with the provider being based in the USA. This was not really working for us and, although I thought a phone system with only one handset may be too small for you to look at, you were more than happy to carry out a review to establish whether this was the best option for us.

Following the review we went ahead and changed to a system provided by RGC that is costing us less per month than the original system. Not only that, it is a much more efficient solution as we are now able to phone the majority of our UK suppliers from abroad at no extra cost. The system is critical to the way we run our business and having a provider who is based locally is a huge advantage.

Thank you very much for sorting this out for us and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any business colleagues, friends or family who may be looking at putting a VOIP system in place or reviewing what they already have in place.

- Louis Crabtree-Sheldon, Not Just Travel

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