Trafford Enterprises - #Testimonial

 I just wanted to say a big thank you!

It was a big leap for us to switch from BT with a traditional PABX system, to a VOIP phone system. I was convinced the call quality would decline and there would be a massive sacrifice if we came over. My reservation certainly comes from experience, with my business partner in the States switching to a VOIP system (which I didn't know about) and when I called him after the switch it was very noticeable. So, I had my reservations!

However! How wrong was I! And how right were you! It just goes to prove they didn't move over with the right supplier - I shall send over your details!!! The call quality is first class with your system, and your support is second to none.

What BT did, when they terminated our lines weeks ahead of schedules, was disappointing. However your movement on sorting this was first class. I could not have asked for a better service, and how quickly you got us back up and running. I am also very deeply impressed at your patience too! I realise we agreed one plan, but as we get more and more used to the system and all the great things it can do, I appreciate it has opened up change after change, tweak after tweak, but your team deal with it without question or issue. It has bee a truly first class service.

I haven't looked back since the change over, and I am delighted with all the additional features we now benefit from, not standing the call quality being so great. To have home workers that no longer need a separate business line, to have the ability to transfer calls between office-based and home workers so easily, and even mobiles, is great. To be able to have different combination of rings on the main number and the DDI's -  it's far beyond what I was expecting.

So I offer my sincere thanks to everyone at Regency for everything you have done for us, and for providing such first class service - we haven't looked back, and you have made it a delightful experience.

I do and will continue to recommend you wholeheartedly and without reservation.

- Jason Trafford, Trafford Enterprises

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