I am writing to you to thank you on behalf of myself and the Hawke Financial Services team for supplying us with our new Yealink T42 phone system.

It has taken a number of months for me to deal with the outgoing system and service we had with BT but I can honestly say that the new RGC system feels like we have stepped up a level in terms of technology and telephony arrangements.

The new phone system allows us to dial in using our mobile phones from wherever we are to answer calls. This allows all remote workers to feel like they are part of the office environment.

We are working on a financial technology app which is going live imminently and we are the master broker for enquiries across the UK. The new phone system allows us to manage and report on the enquiries coming from this source. RGC have spoken directly with this business source on our behalf so that the needs of this client are met.

The service package in the background is fantastic, the team are always there and willing to help.

And it is saving me money compared to the outgoing inferior product and service with BT.

I would like to thank you Joe Concheiro from RGC for providing our new phone system and giving me the ability to work while I am on Holiday!!

- Peter Hunt, Hawke Financial Service LLP