F.M.Haim Management and Account Services - #Testimonial

I am writing to thank you for rescuing me from British Telecom. I have known for some years that BT was not really looking after my best interest by leaving me on the same tariff without proper advice. Every time they told me that I could do better I asked them to prove it, which should have been an easy job bearing in mind that they had the records of my bills since time immemorial. For some reason it always seemed too much trouble for them. They expected me to jump without them having to prove anything - a silly thing to ask an accountant to do.

You were the first person to take this seriously, not only bothering to do the calculations to prove the point but also giving a taste of the service I could expect from your firm. You deserved to get my business.

As a result of signing up with Regency Grove I believe I will be saving about £600 per year. I think that is pretty good!

Based on my experience I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I meet who may be looking to improve their telecommunications.

- Mike, F.M.Haim

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