The Future of #ISDN Communications! Is it really the end of ISDN?

BT has recently announced that they intend to migrate all of their ISDN voice customers to IP Networks. Although there has been no specific date announced as yet, BT have indicated 2025 to be their aim. This explains the reduction in ISDN services and the rise in popularity of SIP Trunks in the UK Business market.

Currently there is a lot of scaremongering in the news but in our opinion until BT announce its exact timescales for the end of ISDN there is no need to worry unduly.

So what should you do?  

Firstly, there is NO NEED TO PANIC. A lot can happen from now until 2025, however it is important to start thinking about a 'switchover' plan and this is where RGC can help. Here are some steps you can take now:

  • Familiarise yourself with SIP and cloud solutions and consider the benefits these can bring to your business as early SIP adoption may be better for you.
  • Is your current telephone system compatible with SIP? If not don't worry, it could be just as simple as upgrading your existing system or you may need to invest in a new system or cloud solution. So, plan for it by factoring this into your annual budgeting.
  • Seek help from a supplier who specialises in IP technology, who understands your business and systems, as they will be able to provide you with an accurate and honest assessment of your requirements and provide you with the best solution to meet your current and future needs.

If you would like further advice please call us today on 0330 00 22 222 and see what a difference RGC can make to your business… 

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