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Christ The King 6th Form

Changes in telephone technology mean there are opportunities for all social and commercial enterprises to improve services.

RGC have been working with the Christ the King 6th Form colleges to help them take advantage of the new opportunities of cloud telephony.

Bringing Remote Sites Together

Christ the King colleges are physically spread over 3 sites in South-East London – Lewisham, Brockley, and Sidcup.
Using legacy analogue telephony systems to manage communications internally and externally was complicated, expensive, time consuming, and not always successful.Quality of communication suffered, leading to frustration at all levels of the organisation.

Improving the Service

The RGC solution has bought all the sites together on the same cloud telephony 'network'.

The users across the whole Christ the King institution can now easily communicate between remote locations.An enquiry that originates in Sidcup can be transferred to the relevant party on the Brockley site as if they were in the same room.

A call for the 'Maths department', can be answered by a colleague on any site that deals with 'Maths'.

These colleges are already wired for internet service to classrooms and administrative office areas.Adding a telephone service throughout the sites is a matter of adding a physical handset or a 'soft phone' where required.

No additional wiring, simple installation, and all the features of a fully functioning telephony system are now available throughout all the colleges.

That improves the efficiency of internal and external communications, frees up staff time in message taking and retrieval, and drives a better-quality experience for staff, students and parents.

Quotes from the Customer:

RGC A real 'no-nonsense' approach to resolving any problems we encounter.

They respond more quickly.

The service is quicker and better, and the cost is cheaper

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