VT5000 headsets - best choice for busy offices

VT5000 Headsets

Quality and comfort at an unbeatable price At this price (rrp £23.33 + VAT mono / £25.00 + VAT duo), the VT5000 is our most popular headset for call centres. It offers noise cancelling technology for busy offices, stereo performance, hearing protection and all day durability.  Watch the unboxing video to see all the features of the VT5000 headset ‍The crisp quality of the audio on this entry level headset delivers excellent performance for busy, all day users.  USB UC Headsets VT5000 S...

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Keep your calls Professional


VT8200 Series Headsets Being heard and understood with absolute clarity keeps your calls seamless and professional. When you're on a call, clarity is very imortant, the noise cancelling microphone on the VT8200 headset eliminates surrounding noise to deliver HD audio and the noise-dampening earpad creates a disruption-free workspace for you.  ‍In an idle state the indicator light stays green, the red light is automatically activated when on a call or in a meeting, and ev...

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Join us at the Sussex Business Show #SussexBizShow @SussexBizShow


RGC will be exhibiting at the Sussex Business Show 28th September 2023 We look forward to seeing you there!

'Stop Sell Date' is nearly here


From 5th September 2023 you will no longer be able to buy 'legacy' broadband products ... This matters if you are using a 'dial tone' legacy PSTN telephone system. To make sure that you can keep your numbers, extend your DDI ranges, organise an alternative for your ISDN lines, alarm lines and more; you need to act today. RGC are here to help you, we can migrate your existing services in bulk and keep you moving without stress and probably save you some money and expend your services in...

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RGC Announce new deal with VT Headsets


RGC have announced a new deal with VT Headsets to bring these excellent products to their customers. VT produce a range of headsets to suit all needs.They have traditional corded, USB Corded and Bluetooth / DECT headsets.They are available as mono or duo sets, including excellent noise cancelling technology, comfortable headbands and ear pieces with stunning audio clarity. You can browse the whole range here https://www.rgcltd.co.uk/equipment-offers RGC's Joe Concheiro commented: "VT have s...

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If you have an analogue telephone system (that gives you a dial tone), then it's time to upgrade to a VoIP telephony Service. In 2025 the analogue phone service will be switched off. In its place, cloud telephony offers you a better service at less cost. HOW VOIP TELEPHONY WORKS Your 'telephone exchange' is now hosted on the internet, all you need is an Internet connection to access your calls. That could be through your Desktop in the office, your broadband service at home, and your mobile data...

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It’s Good to Talk!

Changes in telephone technology mean there are opportunities for all social and commercial enterprises to improve services. RGC have been working with the Christ the King 6th Form colleges to help them take advantage of the new opportunities of cloud telephony. Bringing Remote Sites Together Christ the King colleges are physically spread over 3 sites in South-East London – Lewisham, Brockley, and Sidcup.Using legacy analogue telephony systems to manage communications internally and externally wa...

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Making the sums add up for schools

Changes in telephone technology mean that there are opportunities for all social and commercial enterprises to make savings and improve services. None more so than for schools.RGC have been working with Muntham House School to help them take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by the move to cloud telephony. Saving Money – Cutting the bill in half The most obvious advantage of moving to an RGC cloud telephony solution is spending less money for a better service by replacing the line rent...

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Upgrading Telephone Lines to Voice over Broadband

What do I need to know? - The technology we currently use to make landline phone calls is due to be upgraded over the next few years, and that means many businesses will need to make a change to their telephone services.   Landline phone calls have traditionally been delivered over the old telephone network – this is known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  BT has taken the decision to retire the PSTN by December 2025, and to make sure our telephone services continue in ...

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Power Electric Services - #Testimonial

As a leading electrical services company, being contactable and responsive are fundamental to maintaining positive client relationships and winning new business. As the business has grown in recent years our demand of our telecom's infrastructure capability has increased and thankfully, RGC came to our rescue. When we first met Bernie we had fully traditional, standard BT phone line set-up. It was a restrictive and not cost-effective. Bernie worked with us to upgrade the system to be Voice-over-...

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Berthon Boat Company - #Testimonial

Our particular thank to Sally, Bernie and Neil for the silky-smooth upgrade to our Siemens system over the weekend! - Chris Westwood, Berthon Boat Company

Not Just Travel - #Testimonial

This is a testimonial to thank you for your advice relating to our VOIP telephone system. We already had a system in place with the provider being based in the USA. This was not really working for us and, although I thought a phone system with only one handset may be too small for you to look at, you were more than happy to carry out a review to establish whether this was the best option for us. Following the review we went ahead and changed to a system provided by RGC that is costing us less pe...

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Zytiff IT Consultancy - #Testimonial

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the switch over on my Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone system. You handled the challenges of the old system extremely well with minimal disruption to my office when the change took place. The new system offers a host of services, which the other provider could not offer, which make the system more user friendly and extremely flexible. I will have no hesitation in recommending RGC to my clients. - Matt Bedding, Zytiff IT Consultancy

Trafford Enterprises - #Testimonial

 I just wanted to say a big thank you! It was a big leap for us to switch from BT with a traditional PABX system, to a VOIP phone system. I was convinced the call quality would decline and there would be a massive sacrifice if we came over. My reservation certainly comes from experience, with my business partner in the States switching to a VOIP system (which I didn't know about) and when I called him after the switch it was very noticeable. So, I had my reservations! However! How wrong was...

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PaperClip Office Supplies Ltd - #Testimonial

My name is Darren Bohm from PaperClip Office. I supply Office Furtniture, Admin & Filing Supplies, as well as ink cartridges and Printed Products such as Business Cards & Letterheads. I invited RGC to have a look at my telephone service, as I have wanted an alternative to my mobile for a while now. I went to visit RGC at their Offices Horley and they proceeded to explain how they could help me. After a short demonstration, I was hooked! This was a system I had been searching for, and to ...

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Business Machine - #Testimonial

As a business owner and digital marketeer, it is of utmost importance that communication and the ability for my clients to easily connect with myself as required is key for my business. My need to have a solution that allowed for my UK clients to call me wherever I may be globally, via a local UK number or solution was provided by Joe and his amazing team at RGC. The solution is an absolute must for any business owner, easy to implement and comes packed with a ton of features that you would expe...

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Sussex Wealth Management Limited - #Testimonial

Further to the successful installation of the new phone system in the Practice on 11th April 2019, may I thank you and your Team for excellent service. Georgie was a pleasure to deal with during the initial planning stages and Neil was very comprehensive on installation day. We look forward to dealing with your Helpdesk in the future. What really stood out was your own personal care in visiting on "Live Day" bringing us cakes (much appreciated) and making sure all was well. That meant and said a...

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Hawke Financial Services LLP - #Testimonial

I am writing to you to thank you on behalf of myself and the Hawke Financial Services team for supplying us with our new Yealink T42 phone system. It has taken a number of months for me to deal with the outgoing system and service we had with BT but I can honestly say that the new RGC system feels like we have stepped up a level in terms of technology and telephony arrangements. The new phone system allows us to dial in using our mobile phones from wherever we are to answer calls. This allows al...

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F.M.Haim Management and Account Services - #Testimonial

I am writing to thank you for rescuing me from British Telecom. I have known for some years that BT was not really looking after my best interest by leaving me on the same tariff without proper advice. Every time they told me that I could do better I asked them to prove it, which should have been an easy job bearing in mind that they had the records of my bills since time immemorial. For some reason it always seemed too much trouble for them. They expected me to jump without them having to prove...

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Stocksigns Ltd - #Testimonial

We know we can trust RGC as they are personal, small, and reliable. I would recommend RGC to others. - Jenny Dorey, Stocksigns Ltd