RGC’s solution for schools

Comprehensive yet intuitive phone and broadband systems for single and multi-site schoolseducation telephone systems surrey

Education is a demanding workplace and having a reliable phone and broadband system is vital. Our robust and streamlined systems enhance student experience and improve teacher and parent communication

We work closely with schools to install the best cost-efficient system, integrated fully into data networks to meet both teaching and administrative needs. Our qualified, experienced and friendly personnel also ensure that both installation and maintenance are painless.

RGC provides cost-effective telecoms systems for schools

We provide individual classroom phones at a discounted rate to assist with child and teacher safety

Free Call bundles available for Local, National and UK terminating mobiles

Our digital receptionist systems greatly reduce time-consuming call handling tasks

RGC systems unify multisite schools for seamless and efficient communication

We can connect the whole institution across all buildings and easily distribute calls efficiently

We unite multiple sites into a single communication stream

A digital receptionist, voice menu system allows incoming calls to be easily processed

Reception staff can focus on where they add value to the people in your school while our digital receptionist service takes care of common calls such as those for absence and transferring calls to commonly required destinations

Simple yet effective, the digital receptionist helps to deliver a good call experience for parents and other callers 

It’s Good to Talk!

Changes in telephone technology mean there are opportunities for all social and commercial enterprises to improve services. RGC have been working with the Christ the King 6th Form colleges to help them take advantage of the new opportunities of cloud telephony. Bringing Remote Sites Together Christ the King colleges are physically spread over 3 sites in South-East London – Lewisham, Brockley, and Sidcup.Using legacy analogue telephony systems to manage communications internally and externally wa...

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Making the sums add up for schools

Changes in telephone technology mean that there are opportunities for all social and commercial enterprises to make savings and improve services. None more so than for schools.RGC have been working with Muntham House School to help them take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by the move to cloud telephony. Saving Money – Cutting the bill in half The most obvious advantage of moving to an RGC cloud telephony solution is spending less money for a better service by replacing the line rent...

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Seymour Primary School - #Testimonial

RGC offer a friendly approach, they are always there to sort out problems. I would recommend RGC to others. - Seymour Primary School

Muntham House School - #Testimonial

RGC have good customer service with very helpful and friendly staff. I would not hesitate in recommending RGC to other companies. - David Harris, Muntham House School

Christ the King Sixth Form College - #Testimonial

RGC offer a real 'no-nonsense' approach to resolving any problems we encounter. The service is quicker, better, and cheaper than our previous provider.  - Christ the King Sixth Form College 

Belmont Prep School - #Testimonial

RGC are a friendly, prompt local service who understand our systems and offer a competitive price. Our costs are considerably lower than before and RGC are far superior in their service provision to our previous providers. Staff are familiar with our set up and we have one point of contact, not a faceless call centre to deal with. I would recommend RGC without hesitation. - Sarah Hall, Belmont Prep School