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RGC supplies telephony and broadband solutions for businesses. We look after our customers from advice and supply through to support and maintenance.

More than just hardware, our Voice and Data Connectivity solutions are cost-effective and easily scalable for any size of business 

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Are you relying on your voicemail as your reception?

How easy is it for you to take a holiday?

Do you find that phone calls interrupt your work?

With one call we do it all

RGC provides telephone answering and call centre services that suit all budgets, needs and Call volumes.

We have a UK based call centre providing a range of telephone answering and call handling services. We work with a wide range of clients and handle thousands of customer calls each month. Trust us to treat your business as if it was ours. Smart and friendly ladies and gentlemen operators to handle your calls. Flexible, transparent and competitive pricing from £60 per Month. Have your calls answered how you want and when you want.

80% of callers ringing you for the first time will move onto the next business on the list if they reach your voicemail.

Can you really afford not to answer the phones?

Why should you think about using a RGC Virtual Assistant?

You should think about using a RGC Virtual Assistant if the following is applicable to you:

  • You need to concentrate on other areas of your business and need to create free time to do this.
  • Answering the phone will let you work.
  • Your existing staff are overloaded and delegating extra work will affect their ability to meet current deadlines.
  • You cannot physically accommodate another person but need the extra resource.
  • In your absence your business needs a contact person to keep the business running.

By using RGC Virtual Assistant for your business, you will experience some immediate benefits.

These include:

  • Knowing your phone is being answered and no new business is being lost.
  • Being able to create valuable time so that you can concentrate on winning new business and growing it.
  • A reduction in the price you pay for support services.
  • The ability to create a strategic partnership, with a highly skilled business owner.
  • Not having the costs associated with having an employee – tax, NIC, SSP, holiday pay, maternity leave.
  • No need to supply office equipment.
  • No need to supply office space.
  • No need to find extra staff.

When you’re out, we’re in… So no missed calls and no lost business.

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